Diabetes Type 2 - Travelling with insulin

For patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes diagnosed and require insulin injections, traveling brings a new set of challenges. One particular area of ​​concern for some is to maintain the pace of insulin. How to properly plan for a trip to make sure you have what you need?

Of course, the first and most important thing to do is make sure you pack enough insulin for the trip. You always want to have extra just in case:

* They end up staying longer than expected,
* The delay, or
* If you were to accidentally damage some of their supplies.

Vials of insulin not occupy too much space and definitely worth the peace of mind by hand.

The check-in insulin and diabetes team: If you are traveling by plane is better than its supply of insulin and related equipment contained in their original containers with original labels. This is to help avoid unnecessary delays when passing through security checkpoints. If you do not have these in the proper packaging, be sure to get some of your pharmacy. Do not risk carrying in plain packaging or security personnel may confiscate.

However, the security controls are not the only issue to be addressed. Check ahead of time with your carrier on baggage rules. And legal guidelines, you need to know how the bags are stored and temperatures will be exposed. The luggage storage warehouse of the bus or train, or even the aircraft's hold, they may experience extreme temperature differences during the flight ...

* The majority of drugs for diabetes,
* Glucose meters and
* Test strips

need to be stored at room temperature. Many injections should be kept cool.

Travel Bags: Always carry two different travel bags with you and split your insulin and supplies in the two bags. Thus, if a piece of luggage is lost, will have a wide range of what you need until the other bag can be located.

When packing, you must be extremely careful with their sources. It comes down to the type of case you will take him in. There are many different types on the market so be sure to do your homework before buying. It must be compact enough not to be heavy, while still providing substantial protection. Travel bags are made specifically for diabetic supplies and can be purchased at your pharmacy and / or available online.

Also, make sure your case is well insulated from extreme climatic variations. Its sources can not be too hot or too cold to check the degree of isolation before buying. Also, if traveling by plane, make sure supplies are in hand luggage. Temperatures in the cargo compartment can be very cold and supply could become permanent damage if left there throughout the flight.

Finally, be sure to bring some snacks of your own to help avoid overeating or to help fill when flight delays, delays or even food. If your blood sugar levels in the blood are low, you may need to eat something. Having the right items on hand could avoid having to rely on unhealthy vending machines or worse ... do without. Just make sure the snacks you choose can withstand the trip and hit your luggage around.

But do not forget ... extra meals, sitting for long periods of time, and even travel around the nervousness can increase blood sugar.