Travelling in France

France is a large country with a variety of landscapes. One of the pleasures of traveling through France is realizing the different landscapes, architectural styles, agriculture, dishes, languages ​​and lifestyles.

For example, the Mediterranean coast, the region known as Midi, the soil is dry. This is partly through a lack of rainfall, but more through the effects of three high winds, tramontain, CERs and the mistral. Much of the field seems to Italian painting, medieval, with olive-colored pine, pencil hectares of vineyards and cypress trees, but these are disappearing because they can not sell wine by competition from other places. The buildings tend to be of local stone. While this used to be represented with a final hard crepi, it does not crack, more houses are being carefully noted and exposed stone. Most houses have shutters painted in several different colors, sometimes dictated by the village elders. Travel through Provence is congested because the area is well known, but the Corbieres hills and the area west of the south is often free of traffic. It is a pleasure to drive through banana lined roads approaching towns. Local people can live in-game hunting to control damage to vineyards with wines which match it in power. The boar, like the sweet muscat. The food is olive oil based on dairy cows are difficult to collect due to lack of grass. The strong local accent is the influence of Occitane.

As you move north, Mediterranean climate, there is a subtle change in building styles. Burgundy, for example, has tiled roofs of bright colors making patterns. Here the land is lush, rich in green and white Charolais cattle dot the fields, sometimes with the calves, because they are not animals for meat, dairy. Clean wood piles stacked outside the houses are ready for the cold of winter. The food here is rich in dairy products, on the basis of the cow. It is an area to worry about cholesterol and calories.

In Normandy other characteristic building. This is the long house, built of wooden beams upright, stuffed with cream of plaster, sometimes with a well decorated with thatched roof. Also in this case is based on feeding the cows and is rich in cream, cheese and milk. Normandy is the land of apple and a local drink is Calvados, a brandy distilled from apples. They also produce a variety of ciders, which are delicious.

In the Northeast, is influenced by Flemish architecture. The houses are usually built with red bricks. This is the industrial north, but is in decline. The landscape is rolling in some parts, woody, with cattle in the fields, but it grows on cereals chalk plateaus. The emphasis here is Ch'ti is also difficult for outsiders to decipher but the locals are so proud of their origins that became a popular movie a few years ago with the dialect.