Successive nights - Travel in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is an ideal city to organize other trips to northern Thailand, and in my case to obtain Myanmar visa and tickets. The obvious disadvantage is the tragedy of a conservative society, religious ravaged by mass tourism and many tourists from importing its stupidity and immoral behavior with them.

The west funny looking men wearing tight jeans, tops, blonde hair and his beer gut sucked, walking very young, I want to vomit. It shows the arrogant person - "Hey, look at me, I scored a hot" - that grates more. Poor losers, pathetic, is not what the eyes see empty their "recovery"? They do not realize that girls / women do not approach them if not forced by poverty, slavery (yes, most are sold by their families or kidnapped) and the market to purchase floating body in Thailand?

These women and children are not born to become empty objects, sexual, are made by the family, poverty and the excess supply of consumers.

Back to my guest house in Chiang Mai usual, I looked around for a sweet girl who worked there Burma two years ago. It was obvious that at the time I was at risk, the right age is not known (she looked about 13-14) and had somehow landed in Chiang Mai in Burma. It looked like a doll with a sweet temperament. She's not there now and I guess it has sunk in trade.

One night of sleep escaped me, mostly because of the noise going on outside my guest house, located in a relatively quiet alley. It all started with a local girl haunted by her boyfriend (?) - With shouts, shoves and a forced abduction. She was very intelligent and even jumped out and ran into the room where he lived.

There, the security guard handled the situation in a typical Thai way alone. After a half-hour confrontation, the aggrieved man roared out of your machine hoon (hoons are the same around the world), and peace reigned. Although not for long.

Across the alley another whistle guest house was to face his own night drama. This time it was three guys in a tuk-tuk drunken shouting and I thought they were having a go at the driver. Drunken English football fan voices woke the whole neighborhood, and then I realized my legs protruding from the side of the tuk-tuk. They belonged to a guy who was pretty upset, and the other two were good Samaritans and take it home. Apparently not know his name, and all the screams in the world was not going to leave him, so finally tugged and held in the lobby of the guest house and dumped him. Of course, apologized profusely, especially when he was about to spit in the elegant tiling.

Ah, back to bed and maybe a little sleep, as he was about 3am. No, the night was young.

Two guys staying at my guest house shaken in a tuk-tuk and had pulled them two black lycra dress local beauties. The girls make their living at night seem to have a very short black dress lycra uniform and skyscrapers are stunning heels. The kids were out of luck, they are not guests are not allowed in the guesthouse and there is no way that would have gone beyond the nightwatchman fierce bantamweight - that could kill with a glance. Continued strong phone call, slamming two little girls room and go out sad. Over time, the boys came back down and tuk-tuk came to have some bridal suite (or doss house) for an assignment late.

The dream was over for me, my head was racing and I was upset to know that was a long bus ride and sleepless few hours beforehand.

Luckily I could not sleep because I would have missed the spectacle of a girl trying to break into the compound now blocked by the rail at the sight of the first drama of the night.

He wore the uniform of the night and the tight black dress and heels skyscraper does not help when it comes to standing in a high fence gate. She hooked her dress at the waist, threw his shoes and the bag over, and tried to follow hopeless. A slight tantrum followed and real determination, which somehow has one leg and then leveraged up stuck on top. Finally, we decided to get hurt and slid to the ground, I suppose, some deep scratches and bruises. I hope you have a successful night as well.

As pointed out to me, maybe I should stop being a peeping tom voyeur and events of the night, but surely someone has to witness these activities. That's all I exhibitionistic behavior to be in vain?