Different modes of transport to travel from Mumbai to Indore

The distance from Mumbai in Maharashtra to Indore in Madhya Pradesh is 587 km. Indore is a beautiful city and commercial center of Madhya Pradesh. There are many services for small, medium and large scale manufacturing enterprises in this city. The city also has a large student population. There are many tourist attractions in the city and Deoguradia, Lal Bagh Palace, Rajwada, and the Museum of Indore.

If you are planning to visit Mumbai to Indore, then instead of spending too much in one trip will be a good idea to travel with the lowest rates. You can choose from several tour options, such as flights, bus, train or taxi. All of these options, their costs are discussed below.


There are several flights to Indore from Mumbai flying on a daily basis. Jet, Air India and Kingfisher have scheduled flights for this route. Travel time for a direct flight is no more than 1 hour. Even the price is reasonable, the cheapest airfare with a low-cost as low as Rs. 2243. Lowest airfare from Mumbai to Indore can search the travel sites that offer a fee schedule that shows the lowest rate for each day of the month for each destination.


A very limited number of trains on this route layers. The duration is approximately 15 hours by train. You can choose to travel in any kind of places, or third class AC, AC second class or first class AC. Class and third class AC seats tend to be very uncomfortable, especially when travel is such a long duration. Second AC class and are relatively comfortable bed, however, the AC first class fares tend to be generally higher than a flight.


Many private bus companies serving the service on this route. The road length is 9 hours. The rates are the cheapest bus, starting at Rs. 280 for a semi AC bed. However, the bus ride can be very tedious and tiring, with several stops along the way.

Given the options available, air travel seems to be the only viable option. It not only saves time but also is convenient for the pocket. There is no better way for a quick and faster than air transport. You can then book your cheap airline tickets from Mumbai to Indore after exploring the lowest rates for the month.

The author is a frequent traveler and tend to travel from Mumbai to Indore. After exploring the various modes of transport, actually found that air travel is the most convenient way to travel. So now books cheaper air tickets with the lowest rates from Mumbai to Indore and comfortable journey with a proposed budget smoothly.