Freelance travel writer: Creating a productive morning in Paradise

Due to the nature of the business of freelance writing, a clever writer can enjoy total freedom of location. Because writing requires no condition to stand together, they can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and a reliable Internet connection. Of course, what a writer decides to do with this freedom depends on your personal goals.

Some people, for example, only wants to cut the cord between them and the boss, allowing them to stay home with their families (without sacrifice of income) and choose your own schedule. Certainly worth fulfill a dream.

To me, a young (a little) of single - and perhaps - that freedom means something completely different.

For me, freedom means filling my laptop in a backpack with well-chosen items of clothing and leave in search of adventure. This means spending my days of diving in the tropics or touring motorcycle foreign shores - learning new languages ​​and eat strange foods daily.

But traveling with a backpack company in priorities means that travelers do not. You can not just party and enjoy the experience 24 / 7 - you have to do. You need to keep bidding on jobs, juggling emails, and write the premium content to paying customers.

To maintain productivity in the travel circuit begins with a productive morning and lay the groundwork for the day.

First, get up early every morning, early, or at least a little ...

Freedom of the rat race, most people assume, includes the option of getting up at any time you choose. Sure. But trust me when I say that if you still have to make a living, sleeping in the ruins of his day too late.

So set your alarm clock and get a fine edge.

In my case, I do not force me out of bed in the morning, by any means. I'm enlisted in the army, after all, so let me sleep a little more than I deserve (so I've decided) without sleep, while becoming a hermit in the evening.

Getting up early also forces you to go to sleep early, when you live in tourist destinations of the world such obligations during the day save your sanity. Without them, surely the party of the year away - I should know.

But what you do with that much advantage? I recommend sitting down now with a pencil and paper and planning a morning routine to the last detail.

Develop the habit of jumping right into a hyper-productive non-routine work in the morning, as soon as you wake up will do wonders for your life and work. For example, my workout includes hydration myself, collect my room to swim training (more on that later), reading, meditation, shower and toilet, a healthy breakfast, and after 20-30 minutes related businesses.

Look, I know you did not intend such a regimented schedule to imagine their future as a travel writer ... but hear me out.

"Routines" were never my thing either. I prefer the spontaneity and always imagined doing the same thing every day should be as miserable life can be lived.

However, since the implementation of the routine before my morning, my productivity has tripled. Before I opened my eyes in the morning, go directly to my computer, go to work, and then take on my keyboard late at night.

Sure, I lived in paradise, but I felt like a slave to my work. Miserable.

After application of my routine, take time to relax (or above) in the morning, my life and my work changed - and that's not hyperbole. From the day this way I get on the right foot from the start. I am replacing, lucid and ready to face the day.

100% focused.

And, curiously, by adding all these other things to my morning, I gained a lot of free time, and you win more work.

I'm still spontaneous and crazy as ever, but I formed my routine so I can do no matter where I wake up. And now I firmly believe that only a little of the structure can make even the most footloose of us a lot of good.

Now all I want to emphasize the aspect of the ritual work in the morning - not just get up, for a cup of coffee, watch news, and call it good.

Every day, as part of my routine, I get a good workout, brisk, and for good reasons. I assure you it is necessary to preach the importance of maintaining your health. And regular exercise not only preserve their health, but serves as a great outlet for stress, which can kill your business when your job depends on your mind.

The production is twice as important for a freelance writer for most people. We spent hours and hours sitting in front of a computer, typing, while others get at least a little exercise just moving through your day.

Many writers I know, including myself, got a lot of weight the first time began.

Do not let your health away from you trying to make money. I know you want to do this job, but without good health, what have you? And a solid training in the morning to get out of the way right off the bat every day, keep your health in check.

And the emotional release of super-speed physically push productivity.

So what kind of exercises should I do?

Well, it is necessary to jump to a brutal workout that leaves you crying for his mother. Start light. Is it only 10 pushups a day and then add 5-10 reps for your workout routine every week - this will add up quickly without crushing your muscles too much at first, then build momentum from there.

Keep adding to your training and expand in a similar way as it progresses. Working in some swimming, if there is a pool nearby - Personally, I like swimming because it is not only meditation, but does wonders for my back. It's not hard to find a hotel that lets you use your pool for a price when traveling.

Crunches, push-ups, yoga, jogging ... is really up to you.

Note: A travel writer should design a training program that does not depend on having a gym nearby. That the mobility of its main focus on the implementation of new components to your workout if you want to live this lifestyle.

By implementing these lifestyle adjustments simple in life, you can enjoy the freedom of a travel writer, without sacrificing peace of mind and health, and productivity gains produced by these simple tips will radically transform your life only .