How to Get the Best Discounts while traveling the world

We spent the last two months to plan our trip around the word. In this preparation we learned of a couple of members and passes that make life easier and save some money. I'd like to share those with you.

EU Passes

This pass gives you access to almost all trains in Western Europe alone, this excludes the United Kingdom. If you are under 25 years, you qualify for a 2nd class pass, which is about 25% less expensive than first class pass. You can pick and choose the best pass for your travel needs. We chose to go with a limit of 3 months pass. Spain is one of the few countries that requires a small additional fee to book a train journey. Otherwise, you get to travel on fast trains and slow, as much as you like.

Camping Card International

The International Camping Card has mainly two interesting advantages: You get access to exclusive camps and receive up to 15% discount. The second advantage, and perhaps more interesting is the possibility as an identification card in camps. Normally you are asked to leave your passport in the office when you are camping. I do not know about you but I do not feel comfortable leaving my passport anywhere. The International Camping Carnet serves as identification in place of your passport. If you are a member, you can request a card for about $ 30. If you are not a member FCRV can provide you with a one-year membership for about $ 60 (the only place I found where you can get this card in the U.S., thanks Heather). Note that you will receive one card per family, not per person.

Hostelling International Card

The membership card of Hostelling International is everything you need to access the world's largest network of travel accommodations in the budget as well as many exclusive member discounts and special offers. This means you get exclusive access to shelters and special offers on the road. You do not have to get this membership ahead of time, but I recommend you do, which makes things easier on arrival at the hostel. Discount stores usually 5-15%. Some shelters require that you have the card, but allow you to buy it on arrival.

Royal Oak Foundation board

The Royal Oak Foundation U.S. is engaged in the work of the National Foundation for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, one of the conservation organizations in the world's largest and most progressive. With members get to enjoy free admission to more than 350 historic sites, including some of the most stunning scenery in Britain, places like Stonehenge. Membership is $ 80 for a family. With your membership you will receive a 200-page guide that contains most of the places and parking pass, which gives free parking in most places of value, large and highly recommended.

In the long term, world travelers, I recommend you pick up belongings. That not only saves time and money but also include discount guides and brochures to help you become familiar with the long-term international travel.

Bruno Miranda, a software developer, multi-disciplinary design and passion for food and wine. In early 2010 my wife and I decided to take a couple of months of work to travel the world. We had been working nonstop for over 10 years and decided I needed a break.